REV Super Wash Mitt- Scratch Free

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Why is REV Microfiber Super Wash Mitt Awesome!

  • Scratch Free Technology guarantees a safe car wash every time.
  • Super plush, super absorbent, and super soft
  • Lint-free and scratch-free premium microfiber
  • Durable double-stitched elastic cuff
  • Tough on dirt and grime.
  • Deep-pile velvety cord
  • 100% machine washable and dryable
  • Perfect for washing any car, truck, RV, or trailer

How / When do you use it?

  • Use to get a perfect and scratch free wash every time.
  • Make sure wash mitt is wet when lathering the vehicle with soap.
  • The more suds the better!
  • Trying using our other awesome soaps like The Suds, The MoFo Super Suds or our Reboot soap.

I want to know more!

Stop using that bacteria contaminated sponge and start using the awesome REV Microfiber Wash Mitt! It's easy, trust us!  Whether you wash your car weekly or even daily, our REV microfiber Super Wash Mitt is the best way to wash your car and protect your paint. Using a two bucket method, you can use the wash mitt to keep your car clean and protect it from scratching!