Clean AF Baby Wheel Brush

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REV Clean AF Baby Wheel Brush

  • Zero chances of scratching due to soft bristles
  • Perfect for small and hard to reach places
  • Works great on wheels, vents, brakes, exhaust and other narrow spaces

REV Tip:

Pair it with our Brake Away- Tire and Wheel Cleaner to get the best results

We suggest our Clean AF Big Daddy Wheel Brush for bigger wheels and wider barrels

    I want to know more!

    The wheels make the car, so what would a set of dirty wheels make your car? No need to worry, because our Clean AF Baby Wheel Brush is perfect for any cleaning you need to do. Use the Clean AF Baby Wheel Brush to loosen up old brake dust that’s stubborn to remove. Used by professional car Detailers and car wash shops, once you use the this Baby Wheel Brush you’ll never detail your car the same way again.