REV MEMO Dressing Applicator Block

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Why is the REV MEMO Dressing Applicator Block AWESOME?

  • No mess and easy to use
  • Premium soft foam for scratch-free spread on any surface
  • Unique grooves allow product to be spread evenly.
  • Dense comfort foam grip doesn’t absorb product
  • Keeps fingers and hands clean and dry
  • Saves product, saves time, saves money
  • Ideal for use with paste wax, synthetic sealant cream, or protectant dressing application

How / When do you use it?

  • Can be used for dressing applicator on tires or trim.
  • Can also be used on interior cleaning and conditioning.

I want to know more!

These super awesome dressing applicator are durable and can be used to apply tire dressing and interior dressing. It's unique contoured design allows scratch free spread onto any surfaces.