SuperT Window Towels (Pack of 3)

  • $14.99

Why is REV SuperT Window Towels Awesome!

  • Clean your towels with nothing more than water and this towel.
  • Patented groove design for clean streak free and clean windows every time.
  • Premium materials that can be washed and re-used
  • Lint Free and Scratch Free
  • Extra Large 16in x 16in of pure awesomeness
  • Silk Edges reduce chances of scratches
  • Light blue to indicate when it’s time for a new towel.
  • Can be used with our NEO Glass Cleaner

How / When do you use it?

  • Use it to polish your windows
  • Can be used to polish glass
  • Can be used to polish stainless steel and chrome
  • Can also be used to clean interior dashes/screens

I want to know more!

Clean windows are essential for any car wash. Even if you prefer to go through an automatic car wash, you’ll need our SuperT Window Towels to make sure your windows are clean and free of any dirty or contaminants. The great part about these window towels is its versatility. You can use them to wipe your windows and also to wipe your interior dash and digital screens, without worrying about scratching it. The SuperT Window towel is truly a superior detailing product.

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