REV Epic Wheel Cleaning Kit

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Note: This kit comes with BrakeAway and our Clean AF Wheel Brush. 


Brake Away is the best tire and wheel cleaner out there. Don’t be fooled by color changing wheel cleaners, BrakeAway does one thing and does it extremely well, and thats clean your tire and wheel.

Why is Brake Away AWESOME?

  • Tire and wheel cleaner
  • Non Acidic Properties
  • Safe to use on 99.9% of wheels
  • Clear coated, painted and chrome wheels
  • Simply Spray On, Let it Soak and Rinse off (Agitate if very dirty)
  • Clings onto the surface without falling off for better cleaning action

Why is REV Clean AF Wheel Brush AWESOME?

  • Extra soft wheel-cleaning brushes
  • Perfect size for any style or size wheel.
  • Clean wheels and hard to reach places safely and easily
  • Works great on wheels, rims, grilles, vents, brakes, exhausts, and other narrow spaces
  • Durable synthetic soft wool microfiber cleaning head and synthetic brush handle resist scratches

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