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For those looking to kickstart their Detailing Business, this kit has everything you need to get your detailing business off the ground!!! All the products are broken down into 3 stages, Cleaning-Protection-Tools for the job

Cleaning Stage:

Berry Blast Shampoo- pH neutral shampoo for foam cannons and guns. Its special formula is perfectly safe for waxed, sealed and ceramic coated vehicles.

Reboot- Reboot is our high foaming stripping soap that is perfect for removing old wax and sealants. Used by professionals to prep vehicles for paint correction and even vinyl wraps.

Brake Away- The best wheel and tire cleaner on the market! Just spray and watch the brake dust melt right off the wheel and tires.

Mean Clean- Everyones favorite all purpose cleaner! A versatile product that can be used to cleaner exterior and interior. Everyone loves using MeanClean to detail their engine bays as it cuts thru grime and grease in seconds.

NEO Glass- Like our NEO Armor, our NEO Glass is the ultimate glass and window cleaner. Its special formulation removes contaminants from your car's window and glass. No harmful chemicals or VOC.  Acting like an extremely fine polish, the NEO Glass safely and easily cleans windows, glass, ceramics, stainless steel, and even poly-carbonate surfaces leaving it clean and streak free.


Protection Stage:

NEO Armor- NEO Armor is what dreams are made of! It is a super easy to apply spray sealant that last months. After spraying on NEO Armor and using a clean microfiber towel to buff dry, your paint will be left smooth, gloss will be enhanced, and water will bead like crazy. And the best of all, your paint will stay like this for months!

HydroWash- Hydro Wash is the ultimate car wash in a bottle. Hydro Wash is formulated to remove contaminants and dirt right off the vehicles paint. Spray on and watch as the dirt is trapped and lifted right off the paint.


Tools for the job:

Big Ass Drying Towel- REVs Big Ass drying towel is the perfect size for any vehicle! Carefully fold the towel in half or into quarters with the thin side facing the vehicles surface. We highly recommend using drying aids, such as our NEO Armor, HydroWash or SerumX to drying the vehicle while adding a layer of protection and preventing water spotting. You can then simply lay the towel over the roof, and gently move it across the surface or pull the towel across the surface by two corners to remove every drop of water. Quickly work in a top-down method to dry the rest of the vehicle in this manner.

Fluffy Slush Towel- The SOFTEST MICROFIBER ON THE MARKET TODAY! Extra THICK and PLUSH! Red towel shows when its dirty and time for a wash! Easily picks up dirt, grime and debris. Edgeless design eliminates surface scratches caused by hard edges. Seamless construction for seamless perfection. Ultra-delicate towel for ultra-delicate finishes. 16" x 16" for ideal handling and control while detailing. 100% machine washable

SuperT Window Towel-

The Hype is real family, SuperT Window Towel is the last towel you'll ever need for your windows. Safe for all windows and mirrors, the patented groove design allows a clean and clear window every time. Combine it with NEO Glass, and you'll have amazing clear windows for days.

Towely- Plus towel perfect for applying waterless washes and cleaning your interior!

Max wax pad- The exact tool you need to apply AU Wax. It microfiber composition and soft edges make it super easy to wax your vehicles paint.

Clean AF Baby Wheel Brush- Great for cleaning wheels that have a ton of spokes and deep dishes!

Interior Brush- A clean car is only as clean as its interiors. With this interior brush you can use to scrub your seatbelt and even your carpet.

Dragons Tail Detail Brush- Perfect for the tightest of spots! These Dragon tail detail brush will reach into tiny crevices that a typical towel cannot reach.

Bug & Tar Removal- Best when paired with MeanClean, you can use it to get rid of Tar and stubborn road debris; especially bugs and other nasty critters stuck to the front of you car!


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