FoMas Foam Gun Only

FoMas Foam Gun Only

  • $97.00

 Why is the FoMas Foam Gun AWESOME!
  • Super Sturdy build quality means more washes!
  • Easily connect to any garden hose
  • Produce thick suds without a pressure washer
  • Works perfectly with our The MoFo Super Suds

How / When do you use it?

  • Is it easy to use? You bet you clean car loving booty it is!
  • Simply add 4 ounces of soap, we highly suggest The MoFo Super Suds for the ultimate foaming action!
  • Then add some water
  • Attach you home garden hose or any other hose with water.
  • Then blast away!

I want to know more!

Our FoMas gun is one of our most popular foamers! All of our FoMas Gun Foamers utilize reinforced internals and rubberized silicone rings to make sure you get the most out of your gun. Not having to whip out a pressure washer every time you want to wash your car makes it a pleasure. 

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