Mega Handle Dressing Applicator

  • $9.99

Why is Mega Handle Dressing applicator Awesome!

  • Sturdy handle for a clean and precise application of tire dressing every time.
  • Large foam surface makes sure all of the tires surface is coated evenly.
  • Curved surface to make full contact with any size tire wall
  • Re-usable for many times

How / When do you use it?

  • Simply spray some tire dressing like Uber Shine onto the foam portion of the Mega Handle Applicator and brush onto the tire.


I want to know more!

Mega Handle Dressing Applicator is perfect to apply tire dressing in one single swipe! Made with high quality handle materials and long lasting foam applicator. The Mega Handle Dressing Applicator is perfect for cars with larger tire walls. Save product and make it easier to make your tire shine like new. Use UberShine for the perfect shine every time!

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