MicroClean Microfiber Wash

MicroClean Microfiber Wash

  • $11.99

Why is REV Auto MicroClean Microfiber wash Awesome!

  • Restore your Microfibers with our REVAuto MicroClean Microfiber wash!
  • The easiest way to remove wax, oil, and contaminants from your used microfibers!

How / When do you use it?

  • Depending on the size of your wash load, smaller loads use 1oz, medium- 2oz and larger loads-3oz.

I want to know more!

  • Formulated to remove detailing related contamination.
  • Tough on grime, but gentle on your towels
  • No harsh chemicals that will ruin your towels!
  • Can be Used as a Pre-treat or In-wash Solution

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