NEO Armor Kit

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Consumers have compared it to ceramic coating but without difficulty of use and high pricing. Lasting formulation gives you month of protection. You'll never have to wax your car again after using the NEO Armor kit.

  • Neo Armor - Innovative paint protection and restorer

    ·       Restores vehicle shine and condition

    ·       Adds a hydrophobic and protective layer

    ·       Works on painted surfaces, glass, and even plastic

    ·       Replicates the effect of Ceramic Coating

    ·       Leaves the surface with a smooth finish

    REV Tip:

    ·       Apply Neo Armor with our Neo Clay Replacement

    ·       The Neo Clay Replacement will assist in lifting contaminants from the paint

    ·       Use our Neo Clay Replacement in up and down motions to stimulate the process


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