#REVFam Windshield Banners

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Ya'll asked and we lagged, now we delivered! These original REVFam Designed banners are printed using high quality automotive grade vinyl that is easy to apply and will last! 

Each banner is coated with a layer of UV protection that not only makes it last longer, shine brighter but also BLIND THE HATERS! 

Installation is super easy:

Step 1: Clean your windshield.
Step 2: Mist soapy water onto the windshield portion where you want to apply the banner.
Step 3: Peel off banner backing, with another set of hands slap it on the windshield.
Step 4: Get in the car and make sure it doesn't block your line of sight.
Step 5: Adjust the banner until its straight, even and doesn't affect your driving view.
Step 6: Squeegee out the excess water
Step 7: Trim excess vinyl thats hanging off the windshield, using a sharp blade; being careful not to cut your own paint.
Step 8: Step back and shine on these haters.