Sapphire Paste Wax Kit

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This kit comes with applicator pad and fluffy slush microfiber towel!

Our in-house developed and produced Sapphire Paste wax is one of those products that you use once and it will change your life. Developed specifically for vehicles that want that extra shine and protection, our Sapphire Paste wax uses a high concentration of carnauba wax to ensure maximum protection and shine! 

Sapphire Paste Wax- combing old school with the best of new school!

  • Easy application especially using our wax application kit
  • Adds amazing gloss and deep shine to any paint.
  • Made with premium quality carnauba wax that will protect your paint from the elements. 
  • Extreme Hydrophobic Properties
  • Increased Resistance to Repeated Washes
  • Lasts Up to Twice as Long as a Traditional Carnauba Wax Per Application

 REV Tip:

  • Perfect for dark colored vehicles
  • Works amazingly well as a topper for NEO Armor