Si02 Armor - Ceramic Coating Booster

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Si02 Armor was designed to increase the protection of your Ceramic Coating.

Using Advanced silica protection creates an incredibly slick surface that beads and repels water. It is extremely durable and dramatically increases shine. Its ease of application is exactly what you need if you're looking to keep your investment in great condition. Simply spray on and wipe!

Si02 Armor - Innovative Silica nano technology that restores your ceramic coated finish.

·       Restores Ceramic Coated shine and condition

·       Adds a hydrophobic and protective layer

·       Leaves the surface with a smooth finish

REV Tip:

·       Apply Neo Armor with our Neo Clay Replacement

·       The Neo Clay Replacement will assist in lifting contaminants from the PPF

·       Use our Neo Clay Replacement in up and down motions to stimulate the process.