Super Thicc Microfiber Wash Block

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Why is REV Super Thicc Microfiber Wash Block Awesome!

  • Extra Thicc Memory foam pad covered in a soft and plush microfiber.

  • Easily spread soap and wash your car

  • Gently lifts up dirt and contaminants without scratches

  • Knitted cuff keeps mitt closely around your Streak-free and lint-free

How / When do you use it?

  • The best way to washy your car!
  • Standard sponges are so 1970's, this is the future of car sponges.
  • Simply dunk it into your REV bucket of suds and start washing
  • Can be used to wash cars, boats, trucks, SUVs, spacecrafts and missiles.

I want to know more!

Made from the highest quality of microfiber. Super Thicc is really super thick. Washing your car is a breeze, so if you're still using the typical sponge, STOP! Your paint will thank you, old school sponges leave micro scratches in the paint. Over time  you will begin to see the sand paper effects it has on your paint.