Vitamin Clean Natural Interior Cleaner Kit

  • $16.00

Why is REV Vitamin Clean Interior Cleaner Awesome!

  • The best and safest cleaner you've ever used!
  • No Hazardous Chemicals
  • Fresh Citrus Scent- Smells like Orange Goop!
  • Removes oil, dust, and finger prints!
  • Safe on ALL SURFACES

What comes with this kit?

  • 8oz of REV Vitamin Interior Cleaner
  • 2 X Soft Interior Microfiber (6X6inches)
  • 1 X MaxWax Applicator Scrub 

How / When do you use it?

  • Perfect for all interiors, leaving a clean surface behind.
  • Great for those looking for a clean finish without the shine.
  • Can be used on Vinyl, Leather, Plastic, Chrome, Mirrors, Glass and so much more!

I want to know more!

Vitamin Clean is a revolutionary product. For those looking to clean their interiors without leaving a shine or sticky surface. The scent smells amazing, think of Orange goop but in a spray bottle! Perfect size means you can keep it in your trunk or your glove compartment.

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