Wrap Armor - Vinyl Wrap Restore & Protection

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Wrap Armor is exactly what you need to restore and give your Vinyl Wrap the smoothness and protection. Vinyl wrap is extremely porous under a microscope. With time and the weather elements, your vinyl can dry and start to crack or even fade in color. With PPF Armor, you cannot only prevent it from happening you can create an extremely hydrophobic barrier that has UV protection properties, giving you months of protection. After spraying on Wrap Armor and using a clean microfiber towel to buff dry, your vinyl will be left smooth, gloss will be enhanced, and water will bead like crazy. And the best of all, your PPF will stay like this for months!

Made for Gloss, Satin, Brushed and even Chrome Vinyl

Wrap Armor - Innovative nano technology that restores your Vinyl finish.

·       Restores shine and condition

·       Adds a hydrophobic and protective layer

·       Leaves the surface with a smooth finish

REV Tip:

·       Apply Neo Armor with our Neo Clay Replacement

·       The Neo Clay Replacement will assist in lifting contaminants from the vinyl.

·       Use our Neo Clay Replacement in up and down motions to stimulate the process,