Wrap Shampoo - High Foaming Soap for Vinyl Wraps

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Wrap Shampoo - Super High Foaming Shampoo for all vinyl wraps!

·       Super high foaming soap

·       Perfect for vinyl wraps

·       Creates thick and clingy foam

·       Rinses clean without streaks

·       Perfect for gloss, satin, chrome and matte wraps

REV Tips:

·       Perfect for Foamers and Buckets

·       Pour 3-4 Ounces  into 15 Ounces of Water

·       pH Neutral which is safe for you to wash in the sun

    I want to know more!

    Using the right product is extremely important especially if you have a a vinyl wrapped vehicle. Its extremely porous surface means that any micro-contaminants will and can cause scratches and damages to the vinyls finish.