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Why is our REV BIG ASS DRYIGN TOWEL Awesome!

  • ITS HUGE and when it comes to drying your car, size truly matters.
  • 29inch X 36inch of pure awesomeness!
  • Absorb 3X as much water as traditional drying towels.
  • Won't scratch or cause swirls on paint.
  • Machine Washable so you can re-use it over and over.

 How / When do you use it?

  • After washing your car, mist Hydro Wash, NEO Armor, SerumX or any drying agents onto the vehicles paint.
  • Then wipe dry in straight motions.
  • Wringing the towel when it has picked up all if not most of the water.

I want to know more!

REVs Big Ass drying towel is the perfect size for any vehicle! Carefully fold the towel in half or into quarters with the thin side facing the vehicles surface. We highly recommend using drying aids, such as our NEO Armor, HydroWash or SerumX to drying the vehicle while adding a layer of protection and preventing water spotting. You can then simply lay the towel over the roof, and gently move it across the surface or pull the towel across the surface by two corners to remove every drop of water. Quickly work in a top-down method to dry the rest of the vehicle in this manner.

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