SerumX Advanced Quick Detailer

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SerumX is our innovative and advanced quick detailer. Utilizing ingenious formulation, SerumX sprays on yellow and becomes Neon Green, when it is ready to be wiped off. The Neon Green chemical signifies that micro debris and harmful dust is lifted off the paint and it is safe to wipe off.

 Serum X- Quick and easy detailer to bring out a shine

·       Advance Quick Detailer

·       Turns Yellow to Neon Green to indicate it is safe to wipe off

·       Safe to use on paint and vinyl wrap

·       Perfect with gloss paint and wraps

·       Leaves car with a shine and a layer of protection


REV Tip:

·       Spray then watch SerumX react and change color to indicate that it is ready to be buff dry

·       Use a clean and dry microfiber towel to buff

·       When the towel becomes moist, flip it over for a new face to buff

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